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Melnor Impact Sprinkler

The melnor 3900h metal pulsating sprinkler is the perfect choice for those who want a sprinkler that does the job well. The sprinkler is designed to work with and above ground water supply, making it an ideal choice for a lawn or garden. With good performance and low price tag, the melnor 3900h is an ideal choice for ecommerce stores.

Pulsating Sprinkler With Spike For Lawn/Garden Watering

Pulsating Sprinkler With Spike For


USD $6.99

Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width, Range
Melnor Deluxe Metal Pulsating Sprinkler with Tripod

Top Melnor Impact Sprinkler Sale

Melnor impact sprinkler lawn sprinklers are perfect for busy enthusiast or homeowners who need engineering control over the most dirt and water damage. The sprinklers are made with a melnor pulsating system that helps to create a circular motion that moves the water towards the nozzle. This system can be used for multiple tasks such as watering, watering, and watering. The sprinklers also have a water droplet size of 0. 8 inches which is perfect for small yards or gardens.
looking for a sprinkler that can keep your lawn well-girtched and bright? melnor has the perfect sprinkleraghk for you! This model has a pulsating flow that makes sure all your plants are getting water they deserve, and the spike offers an impressive spike efficiency of just 50. Other features include a weak arm, a water level indicator, and a noise level of only 60%.
looking for a sprinkler that will make your lawn look and feel more alive? look no further than the melnor impact sprinkler lawn sprinklers. Thesesprinklers come with a zinc flow-thru spike, making them perfect for those with hassle-free installation. Plus, the sprinklers are available in a variety of colors and sizes, making your lawn just the way you want it.