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Melnor Lawn Sprinklers

The melnor xt mini-turbo oscillating sprinkler with one touch width control and flow is perfect for your lawn. With great turf quality, you can have perfect water droplets all day long. The sprinklers are easy to operate with one touch width control and are perfect for used or newly fertilized lawns.

Plastic Head 85 Ft Diameter

2 Pack Melnor 9560 Pulsator

By Melnor

USD $11.95

2800 sq. ft. Adjustable Turbo Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler Wat

2800 sq. ft. Adjustable Turbo

By melnor

USD $16.45

Melnor MiniMax Plastic Sled Base Oscillating Sprinkler 4000
Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width, Range
Melnor HideAway Sprinkler

Melnor HideAway Sprinkler

By Melnor

USD $23.80

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Melnor is a brand that specializes in making sure your garden is where it needs to be. With melnor lawn sprinklers, you and your plants are well taken care of. With melnor pulsator lawn sprinklers, you can get the best view of your garden from anywhere in your yard.
this is amelnor lawn sprinklers. Melnor is a world-renowned sprinkler company. Their oscillating systems are of the most robust and reliable types available. This system features a water-cooled system that is easy to operate, with a front-and-center location on the garden layout. The sprinklers are easy to follow, with their traveling arm and large reservoir. The sprinklers work with either manual or optional electric controllers.
melnor lawn sprinklers are designed to adjust to your current lawn and garden conditions. They are also adjustable to operate in either a vertical or horizontal direction. The range is 3'miles and the water dosage is capped at 2. 5 gallons. Melnor sprinklers are made of durable materials and are easy to operate.